Carport Solar Mounting System

The Carport Solar Mounting System is a building integrated solar support system designed specifically for parking spaces, which has the characteristics of convenient installation, high standardization, strong compatibility, single column support design, and good waterproof performance.

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It has the following characteristics

1. High degree of standardization: This Carport Mounting System provides standard models of 2, 4, 6, and 8 vehicles with different specifications, and can also be customized according to customer needs.
2. Strong compatibility: The Mounting System can be suitable for various framed solar panels manufactured by different manufacturers, with strong adaptability.
3. Single Post Mount: The system adopts a single Post Mount design, which improves the efficiency of parking and convenient for vehicle entry and exit and good for door opening.
4. Large cantilever: The cantilever at the end of the carport beam can reach 2.5 meters, improving the parking experience of side spaces.
5. Good waterproof performance: The system adopts a guiding gutter for structural full waterproof treatment, and has a unique rail and guiding gutter design, which can achieve installation without clamps and bolts, easy to install and reducing installation costs .
6. Good strength:The combination of rail and beam adopts 4-point fixation, which is equivalent to fixed connection and has good strength.
7. Rainwater collection device: this carport mounting system is equipped with a gutter around it, which can effectively achieve rainwater collection, More effective solution to waterproofing issues.
8. Strong adaptability: During the design and development process, the product strictly follows various load standards such as the Australian Building Load Code AS/NZS1170, the Japanese Photovoltaic Structure Design Guide JIS C 8955-2017, the American Building and Other Structures Minimum Design Load Code ASCE 7-10, and the European Building Load Code EN1991, to meet the usage needs of different countries.


PV-HzRack SolarTerrace—Carport Mounting System

  • Structure of Steel, Guaranteed Strength.
  • Aluminum Rail and Beam, Make it easy to install.
  • Only One Post Behind, Non-blocking Car doors.
  • Slider Panels in Waterproof Rail For Installation, Easy and Fast.
  • Waterproofing Structure.
  • Several types For 4 Cars / 6 Cars / 8 Cars and so on, Also Customized.
  • 10 Years Warranty.
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H 250X200_3200 Kit


H 250X200_1200 Kit


Post H 396X199


H Support Kit


Leg_Carport Solar Mounting System


Beam & Rail Clamp Kit


Non-slipping Clamp Kit


Rail Waterproof

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