• Universal Triangular Solar Mounting System

    Universal Triangular Solar Mounting System

    This is an economical photovoltaic bracket installation solution suitable for industrial and commercial flat rooftops. The photovoltaic bracket is made of aluminum and stainless steel, with excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Ground Screw Solar Mounting System

    Ground Screw Solar Mounting System

    HZ ground screw solar mounting system is a highly pre-installed system and uses high-strength materials.
    It can even handle with strong winds and thick snow accumulation, ensuring the overall safety of the system. This system has a wide trial range and high adjustment flexibility, and it can be used for installation on slopes and flat ground.

  • Solar Carport – Y Frame

    Solar Carport – Y Frame

    HZ solar carport Y frame mounting system is a fully waterproof carport system that uses color steel tile for waterproofing. The fixing method of components can be selected according to the shape of different colored steel tiles. The main framework of the entire system adopts high-strength materials, which can be designed for large spans, saving costs and facilitating parking.

  • Ballasted Solar Racking System

    Ballasted Solar Racking System

    HZ Ballasted Solar Racking System adopts non-penetrative installation, which will not damage the roof waterproof layer and on-roof insulation. It is a roof-friendly photovoltaic racking system. Ballasted solar mounting systems are low cost and easy to install solar modules. The system can also be used on the ground. Taking into account the need for later maintenance of the roof, the module fixation part is equipped with a flip-up device, so there is no need to deliberately dismantle the modules, which is very convenient.

  • Tile Roof Solar Mounting System

    Tile Roof Solar Mounting System

    Non-penetrating roof mounting with rails

    The system consists of three parts,namely the accessories connected to the roof – hooks, the accessories supporting solar modules – rails, and the accessories for fixing solar modules – inter clamp and end clamp.A wide variety of hooks are available, compatible with most common rails,and can meet numerous application needs.According to different load requirements, there are two ways to fix the rail: side fixing and bottom fixing.The hook adopts a hook groove design with adjustable position and a wide range of base widths and shapes for selection. The hook base adopts a multi-hole design to make the hook more flexible for installation.

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