Solar Carport Mounting System

Solar Carport – Double Column

HZ solar carport double column mounting system is a fully waterproof carport system that uses waterproof rails and water channels for waterproofing. The double column design provides a more uniform force distribution on the structure. Compared to a single column car shed,its foundation is reduced, making construction more convenient. Using high-strength materials, it can also be installed in areas with strong winds and heavy snow.It can be designed with large spans, cost savings and convenient parking.


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Fully Waterproof Structure

The system adopts a waterproof rail design, and waterproof grooves are also added between the component gaps, which can collect rainwater that seeps down from the component gaps and discharge it to the water guiding device.

High Strength

Steel structure ensures the overall strength of the car shed, making it easy to cope with heavy snow and strong winds. The rail adopts a 4-point fixing method, and the connection is close to the rigid connection, making the structure more stable.

Easy Installation

Adopting a sliding rail eliminates the need for fixing inter clamp and end clamp, greatly improving installation efficiency. The honritonzal beam and rail are designed with aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and conducive to construction.

Double Column Design

The double column design has astable structure and high strength, making construction convenient.


Technische Daten

Type Ground
Foundation Cement Foundation
Installation Angle ≥0°
Panel Framing Framed
Panel Orientation Horizontal
Design Standards AS/NZS,GB5009-2012
JIS C8955:2017
EN1991,ASCE 7-10
Aluminum Design Manual 
Material Standards JIS G3106-2008
JIS B1054-1:2013
ISO 898-1:2013
Anti-corrosion standards JIS H8641:2007,JIS H8601:1999
ASTM B841-18,ASTM-A153
ASNZS 4680
Bracket Material Q355、Q235B (hot-dip galvanized)
 AL6005-T5 (surface anodized)
Fastener Material  stainless steel SUS304 SUS316 SUS410
Bracket Color Natural silver
Can also be customized (black)

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