Farm Solar Mounting System

The system is specifically developed for the agricultural field, and the mounting system can be easily installed on agricultural land.

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It has the following characteristics

1. Large space: Open structure design, remove diagonal brace structure, and improve the operation space of agricultural activities.
2. Flexible Assembly: The mounting system can be flexibly installed according to different terrains and maintenance needs, and can be installed in various terrains such as flat, hilly, and mountainous areas. The mounting system has flexible adjustment functions, and the orientation and height of the mounting system can be flexibly adjusted, with construction error correction function.
3. High Convenience: The mounting system has a simple structure, components can interchangeable, easy to assemble and disassemble, also easy transportation and storage.
4. Easy Construction: The installation of this support system does not require special tools or equipment, and can be completed installation by using conventional ways.
5. Steel Structure: In the agricultural field, there are often strong winds and rainstorm. At this time, the solar panel must have strong wind resistance and pressure resistance. The structure uses reliable steel structure columns to ensure stability and safety.
6. Column diversity: The system is equipped with various specifications of columns, which can be selected based on specific conditions such as wind pressure, snow pressure, installation angle, etc.
7. Good strength: The combination of rail and beam adopts 4-point fixation, which is equivalent to fixed connection and has good strength.
8. Strong compatibility: The Mounting System can be suitable for various framed solar panels manufactured by different manufacturers, with strong adaptability.
9. Strong adaptability: During the design and development process, the product strictly follows various load standards such as the Australian Building Load Code AS/NZS1170, the Japanese Photovoltaic Structure Design Guide JIS C 8955-2017, the American Building and Other Structures Minimum Design Load Code ASCE 7-10, and the European Building Load Code EN1991, to meet the usage needs of different countries.


PV-HzRack SolarTerrace—Farm Solar Mounting System

  • A small number of Components, Easy to Fetch and Install.
  • Suitable For Flat / Non-Flat Ground, Utility-Scale and Commercial.
  • Aluminum and Steel Material, Guaranteed Strength.
  • 4-point fixation between Rail and Beam, More Reliable.
  • Beam and Rail are fixed together, Improve Entire Strength
  • Good Design, High Utilization of Material.
  • Open Structure, Good for Agricultural Operations.
  • 10 Years Warranty.
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End clamp 35 Kit


Mid clamp 35 Kit


Pipe Joint φ76




Beam splice Kit




Rail splice Kit


10° Top Base Kit


Ground Screw Φ102