Ground Screw Solar Mounting System

This system is a solar mounting system suitable for utility-scale PV ground installation. Its main feature is the use of self-designed Ground Screw, which can adapt to different terrain conditions. The components are pre-installed, which can greatly improve installation efficiency and reduce labor costs. At the same time, the system also has various characteristics such as strong compatibility, adaptability, and flexible assembly, which can be suitable for the construction needs of solar power station under various environmental conditions.

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It has the following characteristics

1. Convenient installation: Adopting specially designed Ground Screw and pre-installed design, saving labor and time costs.
2. Wide applicability: This system is suitable for various types of solar panels, which can meet the needs of different consumers and improve its applicability.
3. Strong adaptability: Suitable for various flat or un-flat Ground, and with anti-corrosion and weather resistance characteristics, it can be used in different environmental conditions.
4. Flexible assembly: With flexible adjustment function, the Mounting System can flexibly adjust the front and rear deviations during installation. The bracket system has the function of compensating for construction errors.
5. Improve connection strength: Adopting unique beam, rail, and clamps designs to Improve connection strength and enable installation from the side, reducing construction difficulty and saving costs.
6. Serialization of rails and beams: Multiple specifications of rails and beams can be selected based on specific project conditions, making the overall project more economical. It can also meet various angles and ground heights and improve the overall power generation of the power station.
7. Strong adaptability: During the design and development process, the product strictly follows various load standards such as the Australian Building Load Code AS/NZS1170, the Japanese Photovoltaic Structure Design Guide JIS C 8955-2017, the American Building and Other Structures Minimum Design Load Code ASCE 7-10, and the European Building Load Code EN1991, to meet the usage needs of different countries.


PV-HzRack SolarTerrace—Ground Screw Solar Mounting System

  • A small number of Components, Easy to Fetch and Install.
  • Suitable For Flat / Non-Flat Ground, Utility-Scale and Commercial.
  • Aluminum and Steel Material, Guaranteed Strength.
  • 4-point fixation between Rail and Beam, More Reliable.
  • Good Design, High Utilization of Material.
  • 10 Years Warranty.
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End clamp 35 Kit


Mid clamp 35 Kit


Patting flat Pipe Φ42XT2.5


Pipe Joint φ76 (Flange)


Pipe Joint φ76




Beam splice Kit




Hold hoop kit φ76


Ground Screw