Roof Hook Solar Mounting System

This is an economical photovoltaic installation solution suitable for civilian roofs. The photovoltaic bracket is made of aluminum and stainless steel, and the entire system consists of only three parts: Hooks, rails, and clamp kits. It is lightweight and beautiful, with excellent corrosion resistance.

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It has the following characteristics

1. Convenient installation: Pre-install design, saving labor and time costs. Only three components: hooks, rails, and clamp kits.
2. Wide applicability: This system is suitable for various types of solar panels, which can meet the needs of different consumers and improve its applicability.
3. Aesthetic design: The system design is simple and aesthetically pleasing, not only providing reliable installation support, but also perfectly integrating with the roof without affecting the overall appearance of the roof.
4. Waterproof performance: The hook system is firmly connected to the porcelain tile roof, ensuring that the installation of solar panels does not damage the waterproof layer of the roof, ensuring the durability and waterproof performance of the roof.
5. Adjusting performance: The system provides various types of hooks that can be adjusted according to the roof material and angle to meet different installation needs and ensure the optimal deflection angle of the solar panel.
6. High safety: The hooks and rails are tightly connected to ensure the stability and safety of the system under extreme weather conditions such as high winds.
7. Durability: Aluminum and stainless steel materials have excellent durability, which can resist external environmental influences such as ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, and extreme temperature changes, ensuring the long-term service life of the system.
8. Strong adaptability: During the design and development process, the product strictly follows various load standards such as the Australian Building Load Code AS/NZS1170, the Japanese Photovoltaic Structure Design Guide JIS C 8955-2017, the American Building and Other Structures Minimum Design Load Code ASCE 7-10, and the European Building Load Code EN1991, to meet the usage needs of different countries.


PV-HzRack SolarRoof—Roof Hook Solar Mounting System

  • A small number of Components, Easy to Fetch and Install.
  • Aluminum and Steel Material, Guaranteed Strength.
  • Pre-install design, Saving labor and time Costs.
  • Provide Various Types of Hooks, According to Different Roof.
  • Good Design, High Utilization of Material.
  • Waterproof Performance.
  • 10 Years Warranty.
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End clamp 35 Kit


Mid clamp 35 Kit


Rail 45


Splice of Rail 45 Kit


Alumimun Ceramic Tiles Roof Hook Kits


Asphalt Tiles Roof Hook Kits


Asphalt Tiles Roof Hook Kits


Ceramic Tiles Roof Hook Kits 1 with Rail


Ceramic Tiles Roof Hook Kits


Ceramic Tiles Roof Hook Kits 2 with Rail


Ceramic Tiles Roof Hook Kits


Ceramic Tiles Roof Hook Kits


Ceramic Tiles Roof Hook Kits


Flat Tiles Roof Hook Kits


Flat Tiles Roof Hook Kits