Tripod Solar Mounting System

This is an economical photovoltaic bracket installation solution suitable for industrial and commercial flat rooftops. The photovoltaic bracket is made of aluminum and stainless steel, with excellent corrosion resistance.

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It has the following characteristics

1. Installation convenience: Pre-installation design ensures labor and time savings.
2. Versatile suitability: This system is appropriate for various solar panel types, fulfilling diverse consumer needs and enhancing its adaptability.
3. Esthetic design: The system design is simplistic and visually pleasing, providing reliable installation support while seamlessly integrating with the roof without compromising its overall appearance.
4. Water-resistant capability: The system securely attaches to the porcelain tile roof, preventing damage to the roof's waterproof layer during solar panel installation and ensuring both durability and water resistance.
5. Adjustable functionality: The system can be modified to meet different installation requirements, achieving the optimal angle for solar panel deflection and enhancing power generation efficiency.
6. Enhanced safety: The tripod section and rails are securely interconnected, ensuring system stability and safety even under extreme weather conditions like strong winds.
7. Endurance: Aluminum and stainless steel materials possess exceptional durability, withstanding external environmental factors such as UV radiation, wind, rain, and extreme temperature fluctuations, thus ensuring the system's long lifespan.
8. Broad adaptability: While designing and developing the product, strict adherence to various load standards like the Australian Building Load Code AS/NZS1170, the Japanese Photovoltaic Structure Design Guide JIS C 8955-2017, the American Building and Other Structures Minimum Design Load Code ASCE 7-10, and the European Building Load Code EN1991 ensures meeting the usage requirements of different countries.


PV-HzRack SolarRoof—Tripod Solar Mounting System

  • A small number of Components, Easy to Fetch and Install.
  • Aluminum and Steel Material, Guaranteed Strength.
  • Pre-install design, Saving labor and time Costs.
  • Can be adjusted, According to Different Angle.
  • Good Design, High Utilization of Material.
  • Waterproof Performance.
  • 10 Years Warranty.
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End clamp 35 Kit


Mid clamp 35 Kit


Quick Rail 80


Splice of quick rail 80 kit


Single Tripod(fold)


Clamp Kit of Quick Rail 80