Waterproof carport mounting system

With the increasing global awareness of sustainable development, Waterproof Carport Mounting Systems are gradually being paid attention to and applied by people. By installing photovoltaic modules in the Carport structure, solar energy can be converted into usable electrical energy, providing convenient, efficient, and environmentally services for car owners. During the development process, materials, design, and construction methods are all key factors.

SO, Himzen has designed a new Waterproof Carport Mounting System solution to meet all the requirements, which effectively solves the practical application of Waterproof Carport Mounting System in daily life.

The whole system

Waterproof Carport System

Firstly, Material selection, we consider the material strength, service life, and adaptability to the environment. Steel is tough and reliable quality, and strong corrosion resistance. Aluminum has high strength and good plasticity. After galvanizing and coating process, it has better corrosion and UV resistance.

Waterproof Carport System BACK

Secondly, design and construction, we consider the assembly complexity, durability, and protective ability of the mounting system. For these issues, the design of the bracket should not only consider the stability, adaptability, and corrosion resistance of the bracket, but also consider the aesthetics of the appearance and convenience of production. When construction, it is necessary to ensure the connection between the fixed points and structural facilities such as buildings, in order to prevent instability caused by vibration or sudden pulling force under adverse weather conditions.

Waterproof Detail

Himzen’s Waterproof Carport Mounting System consider all the issues, with a simple and stable installation structure, ensuring stable operation under different weather conditions

Himzen’s Carport Solution for 4 cars , 6 cars , 8 cars and so on. All the span is 5 meters, and the cantilever on both sides is 2.5 meters. Reasonable space utilization, convenient parking, Not blocking the door opening and the waterproof performance is also excellent. We can also customize solutions according to customer requirements.

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Post time: May-08-2023