A full-automatic laser pipe cutting machine

In order to meet customers' customized needs or ODM/OEM orders, Himzen Purchased a full-automatic laser pipe cutting machine, because it can improve product quality, reduce production time and costs. In manufacturing industry, the use of full-automatic laser pipe cutting machines has the following important advantages.

Firstly, the machine provides a high-speed, efficient, and accurate metal pipe cutting method. This machine can quickly and accurately cut various types of metal tubes, and the cutting effect is accurate.

Secondly, using the machine can improve production efficiency and save costs. The traditional metal pipe cutting method requires a lot of manual operation and time, while using the machine can achieve fully automatic batch cutting and complete the cutting operation without the need for additional human assistance.

Thirdly, the full-automatic laser pipe cutting machine has high flexibility and customizability. It can be highly customized according to different metal tube sizes and shapes to meet different cutting needs. This machine can also cut various metal materials, including steel pipes, aluminum pipes, etc.

A full-automatic laser pipe cutting machine can improve production efficiency, reduce costs, reduce manual operations, and achieve highly customized cutting requirements.

Performance Parameter
Maximum pipe length: 0-6400mm
Maximum circumscribed circle: 16-160mm
X,Y axis Positioning Accuracy: ±0.05/1000mm
X,Y axis repeatability: ±0.03/1000mm
Maximum running speed: 100m/min
Laser power: 2.0KW

We welcome OEM inquiries from customers around the world, and we can cooperate with customers to complete customized processing and production of any irregular machined parts. we own fully automatic laser pipe cutting machines, and also have various processing equipment to ensure that we can better meet the various needs of customers.

We will always adhering to the business philosophy of "innovation, quality, and service", continuously improving the design and manufacturing level, and bringing the best experience to customers.

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Post time: May-08-2023